Childish Mindgames

for toy piano with digital delay (1986/2005), 6’


depending on what the meaning of is is

is5, is7, is11

three pieces for harpsichord solo (2002/2003/2007), 15’


Forgive Me, Fryderyk

for solo piano (1984), c.5’


Last Minute Tango

for piano solo (1986/2000), 1’



Four Steps Towards an Untempered Clavier
for re-tuned electronic keyboard, four hands (1989/2014), c.11’



for piano solo (1984), c.10’-11’


Setting the World At Five And Seven

for clavichord or piano solo (2008), c.4’


Six of One, Half a Dozen of Another

for two harpsichords (2003), 6’


Take Me

Piano Sonata No.2
for solo piano (1996), c.10’