Chamber Music (with or without voice)


As Long As Forever Is

a five-movement song cycle for mezzo-soprano, tenor, two alto recorders, crumhorn, viola da gamba, and handbells (1997-2003), 17’
Texts by Dylan Thomas


Brinson’s Race

for trumpet in D and string quartet (2001), 25’


circles mostly in wood

a wind quintet in ¼ tones (2002), 25’



for alto saxophone and guitar (1979/2017), c.7’


Fair & Balanced?

a political saxophone quartet in ¼ tones (2004), c.7’


Imagined Overtures

for rock band in ⅙ tones (2005), 12’


The Impatient Explorer

a seven-movement song cycle for counter-tenor, B-flat clarinet, trombone, theremin, kalimba, and trombone (1997), c.16’
Texts by Kenneth Patchen


Memory Now I Can’t Recall

for violin, cello, and piano (2014), c.5’


The Other Side of the Window

a seven-movement song cycle for medium voice, two antiphonal flutes, toy piano, guitar, and cello (1995), 25’
Texts by Margaret Atwood


Setting the World At Five and Seven

arranged for violin and cello duo (2019), c.4’


Walking Naked

a five-movement song cycle for baritone, alto recorder, mandola, cello octet, and double bass (1996)
Texts by William Butler Yeats